Why you should shop at local artisan markets!

Why you should shop at local artisan markets!

Why you should shop at local artisan markets

5 reason why shopping you should shop at local artisan market


Here at The Makers Market, we understand the importance that shopping locally has not only for the small independents that trade there but also for the wider community and British economy.

From helping to support the small, local independents and businesses to supporting your community and the impact on the environment - the list is long and varied.

We have put together our list of the Top 5 reasons that you should shop at local artisans markets.

1) Supporting small, local independents and business

When you make the decision to shop at local artisan markets, you are helping to support the local, small independents and businesses in your community. The last few years have been particularly tough for small businesses across the country. With the Covid pandemic putting a limit on how these independents were able to make an income and a living. Now that restrictions have eased and we have finally returned to a sense of normality, supporting small businesses in your area is more important than ever.
Furthermore, we feel that purchasing from local artisans and makers provides a greater sense of satisfaction than purchasing from a large corporation. You know that your purchase means more to these independents and your custom is helping them to make a living and thus has a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment.

2) Meet the Makers

Purchasing from local artisans, makers and traders also gives you the opportunity to meet the talented individuals and teams that craft and produce their products. This greater sense of familiarity and connection allows for more transparency of knowing where, how and by who your product was made. Sometimes shopping at large businesses removes us from understanding just how much goes behind the products we purchase and we are none the wiser to if they take a responsible, sustainable approach to manufacturing their goods. Getting to know the care and attention that has gone into crafting your product makes you have a greater sense of appreciation for your purchase.

Furthermore, you may find yourself making connections that could be useful for both you and the artisan. Were you seeking a specific art piece that no matter how hard you looked, nothing seemed to be quite right? You may just stumble across that perfect, talented artist or illustrator able to bring your vision to life with a custom commission!

3) Supporting your Community

When you shop at a local artisan market, not only do you help to support the small independents and artisans behind the product, but you also help your own community to thrive.

Visiting and shopping locally helps to create a fantastic atmosphere and environment within a village or town. A thriving high street is the key to boosting the potential of a town or village. It helps to draw further events and activities to the community creating a great environment for people to socialise and shop.
Local businesses and independents also help to generate revenue that go to supporting local council services such as libraries, parks, roads and much more that go on to serve the community!

4) An Abundance of Unique Products

If you’re looking to find unique items that you won’t be able to find elsewhere, then shopping at an artisan market is the perfect choice for you!

Local artisans and makers offer an incredible array of truly unique and rare items. Artisan markets cater to handmade products, so you won’t find any mass produced goods here! This helps to bring a much-needed sense of originality and uniqueness into communities and offers you the chance to purchase those rare finds or products you didn’t even know were available!

For this reason, artisan markets are also a fantastic way to shop for those truly meaningful gifts for loved ones in your life. 

5) Better for the environment

If you’re an avid environmentalist, or even just like to do your bit - then shopping at an artisan market is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Small local businesses often use local suppliers to source their goods. This helps to reduce their carbon footprint as they are not importing bulk orders from other countries, as is often the case with large manufacturers and businesses.

Additionally, shopping locally instead of through an online store helps to reduce your carbon footprint by helping to reduce air pollution and road traffic helping to improve the quality of towns and villages across the nation. 

There you have it, our Top 5 reasons why shopping at local artisans markets is not only a great idea, but also important for local independents and communities. If you are looking to start shopping at local artisan markets near you, The Makers Market operates an abundance of markets each month across the North West. Visit our Find A Market page to find a market near you!
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