How to make an eye-catching market stall

How to make an eye-catching market stall

How to make an eye-catching market stall?

Our top tips to make your stall stand out!

Selling at an artisan market is a great opportunity to draw in new customers and build awareness of your business and brand. How you design your stall set-up can have an impact on this. There are a vast variety of unique and creative ways you can layout your stall in order to maximise engagement with customers. You might not get this spot-on straight away, but part of the excitement of running your own business and market stall is how you can learn and build upon your own experiences.

We’ve put together our top list of definite tips you can follow to help to create that eye-catching stall helping you boost customer engagement at your next market.


Brand Name & Logo

 Now this one may seem relatively straightforward however it is important to note nevertheless. Ensuring your business name and logo is clearly visible on your stall is one of the most important steps you can take to help to engage customers at a market. There are a variety of ways to get your business name and logo visible on your stall. From a standing sign to a printer banner. There truly are many ways to go about this. However, ensuring that it is visible will help to increase the awareness and visibility of your brand. This may also help customers to tell others about your fantastic products - and as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, word of the mouth remains one of the most effective forms of marketing. 

Presentation & Layout 

This is where you may need to put your thinking cap on. How you decide to present your stall is entirely up to you. However, there are some definite tips and trips to maximise the presentation of your stall.Firstly, ensuring the visibility of your products is imperative. How you decide to do this depends upon what type of product you sell. However there are an abundance of creative ways you can show off your fantastic work to catch the eye of passing customers. From varying the height of stands on your stall to a unique display piece, the choices are endless. It is important that however you do it, your products are clearly visible to those passing by. You’ve put a lot of hardwork and effort into your products, don’t you want them to be shown off in the best way at a market?

Secondly, clear pricing is also key when creating your market stall layout. Having price points clearly displayed on your stall reduces customers fearing to ask, some customers don’t like to seem tied-in to a purchase for asking for this. Having your price points clearly displayed allows customers to feel at ease browsing your stall without feeling pressured. 

Finally, tying the style of your stall into your branding can help bring it all together. Thinking about the colours and style of your brand can help you to create a cohesive and attractive stall display. Is your brand rustic and authentic? Perhaps wooden crates could be utilised as a unique stand for your products? The styling of your stall and brand can also help you to be memorable to customers and also recognise your stall at future markets, helping to drive repeat custom and awareness of your business.

Encourage Customer Engagement 

Your stall can be a great opportunity to encourage engagement with customers. There are various ways you can go about helping to drive this. Is your business active on social media? Or has an online store? Your stall can be a great way to boost these. Many traders have signs displayed on their stall advertising their social media pages. This can be a great way to even further boost the awareness and knowledge of your business and brand. Furthermore, you may have business cards or flyers that can be easily laid out for customers to take, helping to increase the chances of customers remembering your business and seeking you out again. We get many inquiries from customers who have visited our markets who can’t remember the name of that fantastic stall they had seen. Providing them with a simple way to find you outside of the markets can be a great way to drive further custom to your business.

Simple but effective 

We know that your products are fantastic and deserve to be shown off to customers at a market, but it can be a good idea to resist the urge to overfill your store. Sometimes, when a stall is too full, buyers and customers can feel overwhelmed for choice. Decision fatigue is a real thing!

Keeping your stall layout well spaced can help draw customers' eyes to particular products. Perhaps you have a best seller, or a new line of products? Using a clear setup that is not overcrowded can help showcase how truly amazing your products are. A simple, well-styled stall can also help your branding and products be more memorable to customers. Perhaps they eyed up a certain product that they can’t stop thinking about after the market? You can always bring extra products to replenish or rotate what you are displaying throughout the course of the market day. 

There are so many unique and creative ways you can display your stalls at a market to boost customer engagement. Hopefully these few tips have given you a few ideas to expand upon! Selling at markets is a journey, and if you’re just starting out, it’s completely normal to not get it spot on the first time. Considering what worked and what didn’t after a day at the market can help you continue to evolve and grow on your business journey!

We love to show off all of the fantastic stalls we see here at the Makers Market, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, you can check out our instagram @_makersmarket  

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