Terms and Conditions

The Makers Market UK

By attending our events you are confirming you agree with The Makers Market UK Ltd terms and conditions, which have been put together to protect your business, The Makers Market UK Ltd and our visitors.

Protecting your business :

You need a minimum of 5 million public liability insurance to showcase at our events and it is your responsibility to keep this up to date. Street food stalls may be asked to provide 10 million public liability insurance to showcase in some locations. If you employ staff you need to include employees insurance onto your policy. Some of the councils we work with will ask us to collate public liability insurance and we will ask you to send it to us. However at each event you must have the ability to produce your public liability insurance for spot checks.

Each food based business needs to register with their local council and request an inspection from an environmental health officer. Some food based businesses may be told they are low risk/ low priority for an inspection. It is imperative that you are registered as a minimum and when your inspection takes place the best practice is to display your food hygiene rating on your stall.

Your local council will provide information on your packaging requirements as a business, weights and measures, what you should display regarding allergies and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can refer to Safer Food, Better Business.

It is your responsibility to ensure all your accreditation is up to date.

Sneeze Guards MUST be in place on your stall, covering all food items.
Hot food Traders – Need to demonstrate that you have access to hot water to wash your hands. This can be a system built into your stalls, pans to heat up water etc.
Selling hot and heated foods – You must check the temperatures of your food before serving.
Cool Boxes – also need to be checked for correct temperatures through the market day and prior to serving.

We need you to think over the risks of showcasing at our events and plan a risk assessment. Plan out what you have to do to keep yourself and our visitors safe. Thinking of trip hazards, sharp objects, naked flame hazards, health and hygiene hazards, infrastructure hazards (especially when you provide your own gazebo, weights etc).

There is no power provided at any of our events. If you require power you need to liaise with your event manager and check if you can bring it on site. You need to be up to date on legislation regarding generators and ensure you are adhering to requirements. You will need to provide your own cabling and any appliances brought onto site must be PAT tested and meet the minimum legal requirements and have the relevant PAT certificates with you at any event where electrical appliances are being used.
All gas appliances must have gas safety certification. Do not bring more than one gas bottle onto site.

The Makers Market does not allow the sale of any fur or fur based products at our events. We reserve the right to ask any trader with said products to be removed with immediate effect.

We need to ensure we all work together in a respectful environment. Any disagreements between stall holders, or concerns need to addressed to the office team Monday-Friday during office hours. We employ event managers on the weekends who do not decide layouts etc. Our event managers role on market day is to ensure the event is safe, managed and marketed.

You must have a personal licence to sell alcohol at the events. You need to supply The Makers Market UK Ltd with your personal licence number. If the personal licence holder is unable to work the stall you must ensure you designate a competent number of staff who understands the responsibilities of your personal license. You must display a challenge 25 sign on your stall.

How to showcase at our events:

We will invite you to attend an event by email. You are welcome to enquire about an event and ask if there is any availability for you to join us. Please note that invitations are at The Makers Market UK Ltd discretion. The Makers Market may invite you to be a permanent stallholder at an event, however The Makers Market UK Ltd reserve the right to remove this permanent status at any time. Without a confirmation invoice you are unable to work on the Makers Market events.

Our team will confirm your attendance at a particular event with a confirmation invoice. Once you have received our confirmation invoice, our working relationship has started and you automatically agree to work under these terms and conditions.

Payment terms will be on the confirmation/invoice and all markets need to be paid in advance. We are unable to take any cash payments.

Prior to the event you will be sent set up instructions and layout.

It is advisable to connect with our social media channels and take advantage of our strong social media following. Please keep our team aware of any new social media handles you are using.

Once confirmed if you need to cancel the event we need you to let us know by 12 noon 10 days  before the event takes place (this is not relevant for Christmas markets). A refund or market credit can be issued. If you cancel after 12 noon on the Wednesday  before the event takes place we can only issue a refund or market credit if a replacement is found.

Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend an event, an empty stall is detrimental to the event and to your fellow stallholders. If you have to cancel an event after office hours please contact the event manager on the set up instructions you have been issued.

The office team are responsible for the allocation and position of stalls, and it is not permissible for stallholders to change their stall position on the day. Any queries need to be made to our team in office hours. The Makers Market UK Ltd reserve the right to change stall locations.

When applying for a market we need you to provide the Makers Market UK Ltd office team a description of what you intend to sell. We will discuss with you want can be sold at a particular event and any additions/amendments need to be approved by the Makers Market office team. Any additional items not agreed may be asked to be removed on market day. We are unable to offer any of our stall holders exclusivity.

On the day :

You will be given set up instructions and a layout prior to the event. It gives you information such as off loading times, event times, car parking etc.

When setting up, closing down, loading and unloading, care should be taken for your own safety and the safety of others. Where traffic management cones and signs are in place, it is the responsibility of all stallholders to ensure that they are correctly repositioned if moved for access.

Should a stallholder need to leave an event early it is expected they will first gain permission from the event manager.

Stallholders must operate strictly within the boundaries of the stall, which in most instances is 3m x 1.5m and any additional tables must fit within the allocated space. Please be considerate to your market neighbours.

The presentation of stalls should be professional. A well presented stall will aid your sales.

Stallholders supplying their own infrastructure must ensure that it is fit for purpose and weighted appropriately.

We aim for us all to work in a supportive and respectful environment. We should treat our event managers, stallholders and members of the public with courtesy and respect at all times.

Instructions given by our infrastructure team or event management regarding risk management or accident prevention must be complied with strictly and immediately.

Please ensure nothing sharp or dangerous is attached to tables or gazebos that could endanger or harm set up crew when erecting or dismantling equipment or damage infrastructure.

Smoking is not permitted in the vicinity of the stalls.

When leaving the event stallholders must remove and take away their own trade waste and ensure the stall area in the same condition that it was in before they set up their stall that day.

When things go wrong :

Our Makers Market UK Ltd events take place throughout the year in all weathers. On rare occurrences we have to cancel events due to strong winds. We will give you our stall holders as much notice as we can and promote the cancellation on our social media. A refund of 75% will be paid back to you once you supply your bank details or you may wish to use the stall fee as market credit.

Any unacceptable behaviour including aggression, abusive language or refusal to comply with a reasonable direction will be treated as a breach of these conditions. Such a breach is likely to result in that stallholder being required to leave the markets immediately and being banned from trading at any future markets.

We will look to mediate disputes between stallholders and disputes between stallholders and the public. The findings from our investigations are final.

Any stallholder using equipment or practices that could endanger the health & safety of any persons will be asked to leave the event.

Understanding your responsibilities :

When showcasing at our events our stallholders acknowledge that they have read our teams and conditions and have accepted them.

When showcasing at our events our stallholders acknowledge that they will not engage in any false or misleading conduct including, but not limited to, selling counterfeit goods or mislabeling goods.

When showcasing at our events our stallholders acknowledge and agree that the Makers Market UK Ltd cannot give any warranties regarding possible sales, visitor numbers, and exclusivity of goods.

When showcasing at our events our stallholders acknowledge and agree that the Makers Market UK Ltd is not liable for theft of goods at our events.

The Makers Market UK LTD. Registered Number: 10162215