“Don’t bother. It won’t work. Other people have tried it!”

“Don’t bother. It won’t work. Other people have tried it!”

They were wrong!!

When my daughter, Faye, had an idea about inventing very healthy plant based dog treats, to help her own dog’s digestion, that was what her EX Boss said to her.

Faye was working in a doggy day care at the time and in her spare time was trying to invent a dog treat that would help her own dog’s digestive problems. After several months she said to me “I’ve got the correct recipe for Vegan Poochy Treats!”
When she told her boss about these super treats, his reply was “ don’t bother, it won’t work, other people have tried it!”

When she discussed this with me I advised her not to give up on her great invention as her name is not “other people “, her name is Faye. So she made several batches of the super treats , took them into daycare for all dogs to try. 59 out of 60 dogs loved them.

Faye also started selling them to her very many friends to see if their dogs would like them. Not surprisingly, they absolutely loved them. So when her ex boss was going to a big dog charity event she said that she’d give him some treats to sell at the event and he could give the money to his dog charity. They all sold! Then she asked if she could put some on his counter to sell and she’d give him the commission. The result was his customers bought them all and started giving Faye many orders.

Fast forward

She started selling so many she left her job at the doggy daycare to concentrate on Vegan Poochy Treats. In the last 11 months Vegan Poochy Treats have attended over 90 events as people were so happy to give their dogs a healthy treat. Their dog doesn’t have to be vegan to love the treats, it just has to be a dog!!

Having had a market stall with another business several years ago Faye and I thought that this was a good way to get out and meet lots of people and their dogs. I found out about the Makers Markets after speaking to someone by chance. It seemed a great idea as it gave us the ability to attend many markets in different areas.

Being Scottish, we’re used to challenging weather so doing an outdoor event didn’t faze us. Plus dog walkers come out in all weathers. Having now done so many different events in the last 11 months, we’ve been to the very good, the very bad and the very ugly!

Sufficient to say we’re still attending the very good Makers Markets as they’re very well organised. We also attend dog shows and vegan events. We don’t return to the “very ugly” events which included some situations where people who were running the events were definitely in the wrong job! Luckily despite the challenges we’ve made a profit at every event we’ve attended.

Vegan Poochy Treats are absolutely sure that this is definitely going to be a great year.

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